Who is Big Bear Yoga?

Big Bear Yoga was founded in 2010 by Annalisa Berns, and is currently a collaboration with Annalisa Berns, Lisa Ann Gold and Elizabeth Peregrina. Big Bear Yoga is an expansive collaboration, with yoga offerings on both coasts. Our yoga love spans the entire U.S.! Go YOGA!

About Lisa Ann Gold, E-RYT 500

Lisa Ann Gold is an artist in many ways – she creates amazing yoga classes, she weaves words and stories together to unexpected conclusions, she makes yummy food and loves bringing people together. She loves community and the Big Bear Yoga.

Big Bear Yoga and Big Bear Yoga Festival would not be here today if it weren’t for her loving hands. She says “yes” to life and other people’s ideas and helps find creative solutions. She said “yes” to keeping yoga alive in Big Bear with Big Bear Yoga. 

 As a yoga teacher, Lisa Ann is in love with helping find the best of yourself. She is versed in most physical forms yoga incarnates. Through our experience of breath, movement and stillness yoga becomes our inner language, to deliver the expanding and contracting energy of life itself. Lisa Ann is one of Big Bear’s beloved teachers, sharing her gifts in the beautiful mountains. Lisa Ann utilizes common sense in sharing mindful gems all yoga leads one to. She would love to give that to you, do join her for a blissful practice! 

Lisa Ann offers Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. She is also 300 RYT from Bhakti Nova Yoga school from Nubia Teixeira. What students have to say about Lisa Ann: “Lisa Ann is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. She understands the body, movement and breath. She has a clear natural ability to guide students to strength and healing in a gentle way. If you have any sort of injury, pain or are in recovery, she can show you how yoga can help! I love her classes!” 

Contact Lisa Ann at bigbearyoga@hotmail.com or 909-584-5270

About Annalisa Berns, E-RYT 200

Devoted to the spread of love and yoga, Annalisa is the founder of Big Bear Yoga and Big Bear Yoga Festival. A visionary that cares deeply about community, her achievements shine and inspire.

Annalisa began studying Iyengar yoga at Moscow Yoga Center in Idaho in 1998. After Annalisa moved to San Diego, California, she completed her teacher training with the Institute of Progressive Therapies. Annalisa also trained in a variety of holistic areas. She taught at Pacific Beach Yoga in San Diego and operated Yoga Utopia offering private and group classes. When she moved to Big Bear Lake, California, she taught at Equada Yoga, then transitioned it to Big Bear Yoga in 2010, taking on the role of studio owner. Inspired to bring yoga to the mountain communities, she founded Big Bear Yoga Festival. Held every year in October, the festival has grown from a dream to a successful event drawing students and teachers from around the world.

In her projects she follows the values of community, belonging, kindness, inclusion, sustainability, balance and belonging. She strives to encourage opening our hearts to self-acceptance and love without judgement. She genuinely cares for all beings, wanting them to be happy and free.

Annalisa is passionate about living a yogic lifestyle, travel and animal welfare. She especially enjoys the health benefits of yoga and believes the practice of yoga can profoundly influence personal growth.

Annalisa spends time in New York, California and Florida. She is available to teach private and group classes, retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings. She is open to collaborations.

What students have to say about Annalisa:

"I wanted you to know that your class has been a welcome interlude for me while I was here, and I will miss the opportunity to learn yoga from you. You are a talented instructor with a unique way of explaining the various poses. When I listen to you as you employ metaphors and personal anecdotes in your instructions, I can more readily grasp just what I am supposed to do. Having taken yoga classes in several states, I can attest that your verbal assistance is invaluable. Also, your ability to connect with each student and meet her own needs makes your classes personally rewarding in a group setting. Thank you for your gifts as an instructor and I wish you continued success." - S.B.

"Annalisa is compassionate, precise and a peaceful wellness expert. She introduces participants to the world of yoga that reaches all levels of students, regardless of physical and mental limitations. She makes yoga accessible. She did that for me when I most needed healing. Loved by many, myself included." - V.R.

About Elizabeth Peregrina, E-RYT 200

Elizabeth Peregrina is an Ayurveda Counselor & Nutritionist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Usui Reiki Master, Pranayam Teacher and Chakra Energy Healer. Her journey into the healing arts began in 2006 with a back injury. Ayurveda, Yoga and Reiki saved her back and her life! She has studied two extensive programs that covered asana, Ayurveda, pranayam (breathing techniques), mantra, yoga therapy, and Chakra therapy.

Elizabeth believes you are your own best healer. She believes your intuition is better at discerning subtle health imbalances than relying on external sources. She believes taking control of your health inspires self-worth and self-empowerment. As you begin to see positive results developing in your spiritual life, doubts begin to vanish: clarity, confidence, and mental peace begin to dawn.

Elizabeth has been a volunteer with Big Bear Yoga Festival since the first year, became a yoga teacher at Big Bear Yoga, and now is leading Big Bear Yoga Teacher Training. She is on the Big Bear Yoga Festival Leadership Team, critical to the vision and creation of the festival.

About the Bear

Big Bear Yoga is excited to share our new logo, which reflects our yoga offerings on both coasts. From the mountains to the sea, and from pine trees to palm trees, Big Bear Yoga can go anywhere!!!! Our yoga love spans the entire U.S.! To our Big Bear neighbors - you will see some classes, retreats and offerings from other spots in the U.S. We hope you will join us locally and also in-person in other locations! Thank you for your ongoing support and love! Go YOGA! "The Bear Can Go Anywhere"

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