Big Bear Yoga

Visioning a new reality and making friends, growing a community that reaches across the mountains and oceans, to manifest your highest potential!

Manifest Your Highest Potential!

We desire to bring our yoga community together from the beautiful mountains of Big Bear all around the world.

We have yoga offerings on both coasts. Our yoga love spans the entire U.S.! To our Big Bear neighbors - you will see some classes, retreats and offerings from other spots in the U.S. and around the world. We hope you will join us locally and also in-person in other locations! Thank you for your ongoing support and love! Go YOGA! "The Bear Can Go Anywhere" xoxoxo

Contact us at 909-584-5270 to inquire about special events, private in home classes, or team building.

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Big Bear Yoga is a proud supporter of the Big Bear Yoga Festival!

Looking to Become a Yoga Teacher?

Big Bear Yoga offers a Teacher Training to deepen your study of yoga and receive the training necessary to start teaching yoga classes.

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