Yoga / Class Desriptions

First and foremost Yoga is about relationship simply put between the body and the breath, all other descriptions of yoga  approach  relationship and accent either body postures known as Asana or breathing known as Pranayama.

Injury preventive oriented yoga, creates a space to explore movement and expand range of motion to suit individual needs in small group classes. Suitable for beginners.

Yoga Flow or Easy Flow, is a simple  practice to enhance conscience movement and endurance. Focusing intake and release of breath creates coordination and strength.  Extra benefit, relaxation and clarity in the mind.

Belly Dance Yoga or BellYo, rhythm and musical awareness in the body, start  to trust that a dance lives inside each individual.

Energy Balancing is rooted in oriental meridian flows and more, click here

When Out door Yoga is in season we meet at Nana and Pioneer North shore Our FaceBook page will have up dates too.

 Check on for weather updates!

            Relax and Reduce Stress Mondays 6pm It is FREE! Moment to Moment (MtM) Meditation meetings during the summer months are at the  Discovery  Center
  • MtM program is based on scientific neuroscience research
  • The MtM sessions use secular meditation techniques – non-religious, non-political, genderless, and no guru.
  • MtM program is led by two coaches: Mike Foley and Bill Treadwell.
  • More details about MtM program can be read at
6:00 pm - Introduction to MtM Meditation is provided for your first time attendance. This introductory session is offered every week for new attendees that want to attend MtM continuing sessions. 6:30-7pm - Moment to Moment Sessions is for continuing attendance. Leafs for Wellness Foundation is sponsoring the MtM Meditation Series. Leafs for Wellness Foundation's vision is to participate in the growth of vibrant, prosperous, healthy communities. The foundation's mission is to support wellness initiatives. Wellness extends beyond individual people to the interdependences of cultures, the world environment and the wisdom of nature's way. For additional information contact Bill Treadwell (909) 667-1413 or email