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Big Bear Yoga is still shining, weather and battle about signage has been with us since the new year, we’re good to be where were are and happy that we are here.

421 w.big bear blvd 92314

421 w.big bear blvd 92314

IN all forms of yoga there is battle. In this day and age in the west yoga has become many ideas, all vying for your attention Big Bear Yoga can bringing the individual to personal intimacy, to do the right thing for your family, friends or for the people you don’t even know, yoga can set the tone and be the self-care everyone is in need of.

So many words in Sanskrit that relate to the word “Battle” the one that caught my eye was “prTanA” so close to the word pRanA both seem to exhibit energy that can be used constructively, or for one’s demise.

In Ayurveda there is such a thing as Vata (wind) pushing Pitta (Fire) and we all know how a forest fire ends destruction, then growth.

Pull focus, figure out what is valuable in moving everyone forward, what can allow everyone connection? Yoga!

Maybe the idea is generosity, Yoga can connect you to be generous anywhere you are.

Last year I (Lisa Ann) came to overseen Big Bear yoga with the idea of business as not usual, I have found our society is geared NOT to be unusual about business. Everywhere you go profit an loss, maximizing time, and algorithms of what sells is still so important. I see P&O detached from money, MT is not possible to do because we all die, and an algorithm is a series of coincidences that you can’t ignore. I’m always trying to find the unusual aspects to our busy days, I hope that you continue to visit Big Bear Yoga.

I hope you make the effort to give yourself time and space even if it’s just once a week to come to Big Bear yoga and put inquiry into play in your life. I’m not saying the answer is around the corner, just remember make space to let an answer come to you just the way questions do, very mysteriously.