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About Lisa Ann:
Lisa Ann is in love with joyful movement, travel, and stillness. When you experience yoga with Lisa Ann, you learn how to dance the yoga of your heart, being and finding rhythm in the day-to-day. Asana supports the physical and mental work of living joyfully. Through our experience of breath, movement and stillness yoga becomes our inner language, to deliver the expanding and contracting energy of life itself. Sometimes the yoga is moving to the breath, at other times it’s staying steady in connection to the ground below. Creating an enlightening connection to your inner guide. Lisa Ann would love to give that to you, come join her for a blissful practice in Austria!

What students have to say about Lisa Ann:

“Lisa Ann has the grace and equanimity of Venus on the half shell, attuned to her environment and the needs of her students.  She sees with all of the eyes, her mind’s eye, through the heart, and that mysterious Third eye that securely establishes a knowing connection with her students.”Mary Troy Johnston”

“l have been attending Lisa’s yoga twice a week now for six years.  Her classes are very welcoming, and adapted to the needs and abilities of the students present and adjusted as the class unfolds.  She is patient yet firm with a wealth experience.  The only ones who do not benefit are those who do not show.”Lew Warden

“Thank you for showing me how to properly use my female body. The aha moment came when I was doing hip rolls and moving my arms like seaweed, or air moving branches. Belly dancing is ancient, it was created for and by the female body. Thank you for passing on this knowledge.”Jenny, a grateful Belly Dance Yoga student