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Who is Carol and what does she Teach?

Carol teaches;Energy Balancing The energy balancing techniques assess specific body energies and how they relate to your current health. From the assessment, an individualized plan is developed to help address any physical or emotional issues that may be contributing...

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Moment to Moment Meditation MTM

MtM program is based on scientific neuroscience research The MtM sessions use secular meditation techniques – non-religious, non-political, genderless, and no guru. MtM program is led by two coaches: Mike Foley and Bill Treadwell. More details about MtM program can be...

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Yoga Is still at work

Big Bear Yoga is still shining, weather and battle about signage has been with us since the new year, we're good to be where were are and happy that we are here. IN all forms of yoga there is battle. In this day and age in the west yoga has become many ideas, all...

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Big Bear Yoga Festival

Big Bear Yoga is so happy to be part of the BBYF you can come by and purchase tickets if are in the our neigborhood and skip the service fees!              at 421 W.Big Bear Blvd. BBC Ca. 92314

With a joyful heart we are thrilled to announce Big Bear Yoga Festival 2019!

Join us for community dinner at 5pm on Saturday, October 5 at Big Bear Yoga Festival!
Break bread with old friends and meet new. Join us for vegetarian dinner with LIVE MUSIC together after a wonderful day of yoga, music, lectures and fun at Sa Ha Le Lodge! There are a limited number of package tickets that include dinner – make sure you get yours! 

Big Bear Yoga at 421 W.Big Bear Blvd. BBC Ca. 92314  is visioning a new reality and making friends, growing a community that reaches across the oceans! To manifest your highest potential. It is about reaching your arms out wide and hugging the sun, mountains and blue sky! We desire to bring our yoga community together in the beautiful mountains of Big Bear. At our homey studio we have mats for your use. Our intention is to create a supportive environment to maintain a daily yoga or meditation practice. Contact use at 1-909-584-5270 to inquire about private in home or studio classes as well as team building events write us at, [email protected]