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Special Events and Journeys


Date: Saturday, October 5, 2019 with Special Post Festival Session on Sunday, October 6, 2019.

Location: Performing Arts Center (PAC), 39707 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA with MORE CLASS SPACES just steps away from the PAC at Sa Ha Le Lodge!

Registration: Click Here! 

Schedule: Find the full schedule here!

To Bring: Please bring your own yoga mat and any props that you might need to be comfortable, such as blocks, a blanket, meditation pillow, bolster, etc. Please bring your own mug for tea, coffee or water.

Weather: Expect an abundance of sun weather-wise, so please bring a hat and sunscreen for outdoor activities and yoga. As with any Southern California Yoga Festival, we suggest dressing in layers, as the mornings and evenings can be chilly. Bring a light jacket and sweater so you are comfortable in all indoor and outdoor classes. Bring walking shoes if you want to participate in the amazing Hike and Yoga or Meditation classes.

Accommodations: No accommodations are available at this Southern California Yoga Festival. There are many very nice hotels and home rentals within a few miles if desired.

Parking: There is plenty of parking at the Performing Arts Center. However, we will have overflow parking. See FAQS below for more inquiries.


Special Events and Journeys

Here you’ll find a list of upcoming special events.

 FAQ’s about the Jamtal Yoga and Hiking Retreat: WE Are Planning 2020!

It is time to get ready for the mountains again! 

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

  • Fly to Zurich or Munich. Zurich has a train station below the airport, and trains to Landeck are frequent. Munich also works—you can take a bus to Innsbruck and transfer to the train to Landeck. Note air fare & trains not included
  • Pick up in Landeck: We ask you to arrive at the train station in Landeck between 10am & 3pm,  We need to know your train arrival time. The Jamtalhuette shuttle will pick you up and drive you up into the mountains. No need to worry about carrying backpacks up—they will do it. It is included in the price.
  • Hiking Only option: If your or your spouse are not into yoga, but just want to climb the lofty peaks, you can book the retreat without the yoga. We will give you a special rate—just ask.
  • Families: Yes, you can bring the entire family! If your children are on the younger side (6-10), we will need to make babysitting arrangements at an extra cost. Children cannot be left alone around the lodge. There are many high boulders that would be danger zones without an adult present.
  • Rooms: Rooms are shared by 2-4 people, on average. It depends how busy the Jamtal hut is. There are sinks in each room, showers downstairs (coin operated), and multiple toilets on each floor. It is possible to get a single room upon request, but they are limited—sign up soon!
  • Climbing: Serious climbers can inquire with us for special guided tours up the Fluchthorn, weather permitting, at an extra charge. The decision whether it is safe to climb will be made by the manager. The Silvretta region is known for its climbing options, but you need to have experience!
  • Scenery: Beautifully meandering mountain streams, vividly colored flowers, intensely green meadows and peacefully ringing cow bells. You will be in nature bliss! Incredible air makes sleeping and hiking easy.
  • Travel agent:  [email protected]  WhatsApp: +393510080236 Krishna can also book the trains for you.
  •  The first evening we will have a group meeting and restorative yoga, followed by dinner. Dinner is early in the mountains, since most hikers get up very early to have enough time to climb the peaks and make it back to the lodge. We must follow the schedule of the hut. This is not a full service 24 hour operation. They have limited staffing, will do anything to make our stay great, but cannot operate like a hotel. Understanding this is critical!
  • Meals: Lunch will be sandwiches you make from the breakfast buffet—you will be out hiking. When you return, there will be hot soup waiting. We advise people to bring snacks from back home for the hikes—nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, etc. You can fill a thermos with “hiking tea” from the lodge or water from your room. Dinner is huge and plenty. Wonderful cheeses! The food is home cooked and freshly prepared each day. Dinner starts with soup/salad, followed by a main course (big plates!) and a dessert. Vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten free possible—they will take care of dietary restrictions. What is not included in the price? Beverages have to paid for—this includes water. Water is precious up there. They have to filter and bottle it, so it is not free. A la carte items you would like to eat during the day need to be paid for, as well.
  • You will need very good hiking boots. I cannot stress this enough! They should not be sneakers! The hiking boots need to go above your ankles and should be waterproof! You will also need shoes to wear inside the lodge—your hiking boots go into a special room when you enter the hut, and you are not allowed to wear them inside the restaurant or bedroom areas. For slippers inside, Crocs work well. You can also wear them when you go to the shower areas. There is a drying room, in case your shoes get wet. You should also bring collapsible hiking poles. Poles can be found on Amazon. The lodge has 8 pairs to loan us—they will go to the first people to sign up.
  • Yoga props: Bring a foldable mat (travels easier) and if you can, a block.
  • We are working on organizing a massage table, and Lisa will offer massages for an extra charge.
  • Clothing: Come with layers! The weather in the Alps changes quickly and often. The mornings tend to be cool, even on sunny days (36-40 degrees), but during the day it can get up into the 60’s and 70’s. Bring a fleece and dri-fit layers, a rain poncho, hat and gloves, and a good backpack.
  • Bring water bottles, thermos: (if you like hot tea when you are hiking) and zip lock baggies to load up your goodies. The lodge is very strict about recycling. Please be mindful of the environment when you are in these precious mountains! Don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses. You are high up during your hikes and need appropriate protection.
  • Anything else?  Please call or email: [email protected]415-726-2609.  PLANNING 2020 LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED here; paypal.me/BigBearYogaUS or send check payable MDofBB to c/o LA Gold po box 1846 big bear city ca. 92314
  • Lisa Ann can be reached at 909-584-5270 text or call if you have yoga inquires.
  • What other travelers have experienced at Jamtel 
  • This trip to the Austrian Alps is truly something so breathtaking that one absolutely must experience it in their life time. It captured the true essence of an Austrian mountain hut, and was extremely well run, clean and comfortable. The staff was professional, friendly and served up the most delicious Austrian menu! Overall, it was a truly amazing life experience that we will never forget.- Yuko Hasegawa
  • We had a fantastic time during our stay at the Jamtal Huette. It was exciting to meet parents and friends from various countries. Most exciting were the hikes to the various glaciers and mountain peaks. It was helpful to benefit from the experience of the tour guides, who had amazing information regarding the history of the glaciers. This was educational for all of us!– Uli+Luyanda Mpahlwa, Capetown, South Africa
  • The combination of yoga and hiking made me feel like Superman! By day three, we were effortlessly hiking for hours and hours in the most breathtaking landscapes, and I felt like I could go on forever. The Alpine setting was a wonderful frame for our yoga practice, as well. This will be my third year going to the Jamtal, and I look forward to it as much as ever!- Alex Balestreri, Switzerland