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Yin Yoga and Hypermobility

Yin Yoga and Hypermobility by Jess’s practice blog In the small but growing conversation about yoga and hypermobility, there has been quite a bit of interest lately in yin yoga and its suitability – or not – for people with Hypermobility Syndrome / Ehlers Danlos (HMS...

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No excuses: Head to class ~ lol

There will be days when you simply don't want to get on your mat. You will search for every reason under the sun not to. Rest assured, most—if not all—yogis have found themselves in this place at one time or another. Below, some of the most common reasons that have...

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Water water everywhere….

To live a yoga life means letting go of excess, and water bought in the super market is something to let go of. I can filter my own water and I do I reuse glass bottles and jars. My biggest weakness is bubbly water, by summers end I'm gonna figure out how to make my...

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